Recreational Vehicle and Tourism Signage Plan

Council is seeking to identify areas across the Shire that may be suitable to establish RV friendly overnight stays and infrastructure related to the RV tourism market (such as long term car parking, dump points and signage).

A Draft Recreational Vehicle and Tourism Signage Plan(PDF, 4MB) has been developed and we'd like to hear what you think of it.


There have been several requests from different town groups for Council to provide the infrastructure for them to become RV Friendly Towns, including signage, dump points, long vehicle parking, etc.

This infrastructure can be costly. A plan can assist council in strategically determining the location of these RV Friendly sites.   

Project Impacts

It would be the aim of Council to minimise the impact on communities, businesses and the environment in establishing an RV friendly infrastructure. However, it is anticipated that the impacts of such infrastructure could include:

  • The overuse of RV areas causing the land to look messy
  • Potential litter left behind

Project Benefits

There may be numerous benefits of developing RV friendly infrastructure, including:

  • Community facilities (toilets, parks, BBQs)
  • Better directional signage
  • Increased economic benefit to the associated towns through increased expenditure from this currently uncaptured market.

How you can have your say

There are several ways to submit your feedback:

Written submissions should be addressed to:

Economic Development - Stacey Clark
Baw Baw Shire Council
PO Box 304
Warragul VIC 3820

All submissions must be received by 5.00pm on Sunday 12 November 2017.

How do I know my feedback has been received?

All forms, submissions or correspondence will be acknowledged either by email or letter so that you know your comments have been received. 

After consultation closes

Council will provide all feedback to the consultants for consideration in the final report.

What happens to my ideas and feedback?

Council will consolidate comments and feedback and consider all submissions. All feedback will be provided to the Consultants to consider as part of the final report.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this project detract from already existing businesses?

The intention would be to establish these facilities in towns where no commercial caravan parks are already established.

What will the time frame of their stay be and how would this be policed?

RVs would be allowed to stay at a given site for no more than 72 hours and Council’s local laws department would be involved in the policing of this. 


For any enquiries, please contact Acting Coordinator Economic Development Stacey Clark via email or by calling 5624 2411.