Transparency Boost with Live Streamed Council Meetings

Published on 10 August 2017

Media Release

Council continues its commitment to increased transparency and accessibility to the community by endorsing the introduction of live streamed Council meetings.

At its meeting last night Council resolved to proceed with a fixed installation camera system at the Trafalgar Council Chamber to enable live streaming and recording of meetings.

It is expected that Council meetings will be available for live streaming in October 2017.

Mayor of Baw Baw Shire Councillor Joe Gauci supported the decision to introduce live streamed Council meetings to allow more residents to follow meetings online and greatly increase transparency and understanding of the Council decision making progress.

“Live streaming will give residents front row access to Council meeting discussions and decision making as it happens, which they can access from the ease and comfort of their own homes”, said the Mayor.

“Whilst ordinary Council meetings are always open to the public, we understand that it’s not always easy for people to be able to attend. This is especially true for those who live in the further corners of our Shire and have to drive longer distances in the evening.

“As a Council we are continually striving to be more innovative, community focused and future-ready and are pleased to be able to bring our community closer into the Council meeting process.

“We hope that providing this service will encourage residents to tune into the discussions and help further break down perceived barriers between Council and community.”

At its meeting last night, Council also acknowledged the need for a necessary amendment to its Meeting Procedure Local Law to incorporate live streaming and recording of Council meetings.

The draft Meeting Procedure Local Law, which governs and regulates the proceedings and functions of Council meetings, will be presented to Council at its meeting on 23 August and be made open for public exhibition and feedback before final adoption and implementation.

The Mayor acknowledged and thanked Wellington Shire Council for their collaboration, sharing of knowledge and experience and for the significant savings of approximately $5,500 on the procurement and establishment of live streaming services.

The cost for the purchase of camera equipment and installation is expected to be in the order of $11,000 with an ongoing cost of $1,260 per month for increased data, archiving and file storage.

“We have heard a lot of community support for the introduction of live streamed Council meetings so we are making the necessary investments to make this service available to our residents”, said the Mayor.

For more information, go to Council Meetings.