Sneak Peek Inside the WGAC Walls

Published on 07 September 2018

Detail of exposed brick wall and lighting behind the bar.

Stunning internal design features have been revealed in a tantalising sneak peek of the West Gippsland Arts Centre redevelopment project.

Mayor of Baw Baw Shire Cr Joe Gauci was excited to reveal a few small glimpses of internal works nearing completion.

“Over the last 18 months an incredible amount of work has taken place to transform this building, both functionally and aesthetically. There is still work to be done, but we hope these sneak peek images begin to stir excitement in the community for what’s to come once we re-open”, said the Mayor.

“The designers, architects and builders and have done an impeccable job blending the old with the new. Historic features like the original bricks have been exposed, refurbished and now paired with new, sleek timber design elements.

“We’re incredibly proud of this project and it’s exciting to be edging closer to the finish line. We’re all looking forward to November when we re-open this wonderful community building.”


This is the area behind the new theatre bar in the foyer which will open out onto the new forecourt.

The use of hardwood in the bulkhead and wall features throughout the foyers is a very contemporary touch and references the heritage of Baw Baw Shire as a centre for forestry and hardwood production.

The space is flooded with light from the newly reglazed windows above and at night, light will spill out up the wall, bringing the exterior of the building to life.


This is the wall behind the bar. The existing brick of the original building has been stripped of the old render to offer a contrasting texture to the wood panels and sandstone tiling on the floors.

You can see the shadow prints in the brickwork where the doorways which formerly led into the theatre have been filled in.

Two TV screens will be installed on these walls behind the bar to showcase a variety of promotional material and displays.


This picture shows the walls inside the theatre and the new stainless-steel handrails that will assist patrons to seats.

There will now be entrances on both sides of the theatre. Patrons will be able to enter via four different doors in the downstairs area and two in the new balcony, making it much easier and safer to get in and out of the theatre.

The old rendered brick walls of the theatre have been replaced with timber panels, angled slightly to break up the previously hard, flat surface and to reflect sound back into the audience. This will improve the acoustic quality of the theatre, especially for music.

Each panel has a strip of LED lighting along its back edge. These strips can be set to throw different colours onto the walls, setting a very dramatic and theatrical mood for the audience when they first arrive.


Overhead, two new lighting bridges have been constructed. This offers the theatre technicians a much safer way to access lighting equipment and it will increase the number of lighting positions in the theatre.

The bridges have also been lined with curved wood panels, designed to bounce sound back into the audience. This will also improve the acoustics in the theatre.

Under the balcony there is a series of small speakers which ensure the audio from the venue’s new sound system is properly distributed up into the new balcony seating.

Planning is underway for re-opening celebrations with more information to be released shortly.