New Hard Waste Service Details

Published on 07 September 2017

Baw Baw Shire Council is detailing hard waste service options available to all residents, including:

  • Extension of existing hard waste vouchers,
  • New at call on demand kerbside hard waste collections, and
  • Exchanging kerbside collection for transfer station disposal.

Extension of Existing Hard Waste Vouchers

Council is extending the existing hard waste vouchers, received with last year’s Rates notices, to remain valid for use at any Council operated transfer station until 31 October 2017.

The vouchers, which ordinarily expire on 31 August 2017, have been extended as an act of goodwill upon request of the Baw Baw Shire Rate Payers Association.

No new vouchers have been issued with the 2017/18 Rates notices. All hard waste vouchers will be redundant after the extended expiry date.

At Call On Demand Kerbside Hard Waste Collections

Residents are now eligible for one annual at call on demand kerbside hard waste collection of up to two cubic meters.

This service is available to property occupants; whether owner or tenant. This new service is being made available to all households in the same way as ordinary kerbside household garbage and recycling collections.

Council made the decision to reinstate a kerbside hard waste collection service in response to ongoing community feedback which indicated strong support for the return of the service.

The service is being provided at no additional cost to ratepayers, meaning no additional waste charge has been incurred with the recently issued Rates notices for the provision of this service.

Having a kerbside service available to all households will improve general property amenity across the Shire and reduce illegal dumping. The new service will allow all residents the opportunity to dispose of unwanted items without charge.

All bookings must be made directly to WM Waste Management on 1800 969 278 or online at

Upon booking, residents will be issued with an information pack by post outlining further details.

No hard waste is to be placed on the kerbside prior to a booking being made. Upon booking, a collection date will be confirmed and hard waste can be placed on the kerbside on the weekend prior to the booked collection.

Exchange Kerbside Collection for Transfer Station Disposal

Each household is entitled to exchange their annual at call on demand kerbside collection for free disposal of up to two cubic metres at any Council operated transfer station.

Council operated transfer stations are located at Lardner, Trafalgar, Neerim South and Erica only.

Disposals can be made made in two ways:

  • One single disposal (up to two cubic metres)
  • Two separate disposals (up to one cubic metre each)

Any disposal which exceeds one cubic metre (e.g. 1.2 cubic metres) will be considered as one single disposal and any future disposals will incur the standard fees.  

Any resident who chooses to exchange their kerbside collection for free hard waste disposal at a transfer station must register their address directly with WM Waste Management on 1800 969 278 or online at

During the time of the booking, residents must note their address, preferred date for disposal and the transfer station where the disposal will be made.

Booking should be made 24 hours prior to disposal so operators can be notified, however if the booking is for the same day, please indicate this to WM Waste Management at the time of booking.

At the time of disposal, residents will be asked to provide photo identification which reflects the property address the booking was made under. Without photo identification with the listed address, disposals will not be accepted.

No physical vouchers are issued during this process.

Hard Waste Enquiries

For any hard waste queries that differ to kerbside collection bookings or transfer station disposal bookings, please contact Council’s Waste Management Team on 5624 2411.