Council Endorses Arts, Culture and Events Strategic Plan

Published on 23 November 2017

Following a round of in depth community consultation, Baw Baw Shire Council has endorsed the Arts, Culture and Events Strategic Plan to guide delivery of services to the community and region over the next four years.

The strategic plan was written in alignment with the Council Plan’s vision, objectives, and decision to proceed with the West Gippsland Arts Centre (WGAC) upgrade.

This strategy anticipates a number of changes and developments in the region, including the expanded capacity of an upgraded WGAC, projected population growth and growth in demand and interest in arts, culture and events in the community.

Mayor of Baw Baw Shire Councillor Joe Gauci was pleased that Council now had an endorsed plan to help achieve a strong vision for the Shire’s vibrant and thriving cultural life.

“Our vibrant arts are integral to our identity and reputation. These things bring us together, keep us healthy and build our sense of understanding and belonging”, said the Mayor.

“We now have a strategic plan in place to help support the vibrancy and character of our local community as it continues to grow and develop through health and wellbeing initiatives, recreation, youth, arts, culture and events.

“We now also have a better understanding of how we can support our smaller and more remote communities meet their needs for vibrant community life.”

This strategy will guide a more distributed delivery of services, especially to serve the smaller townships and a clear understanding that community participation in the arts will be as important as the community being spectators of professional performances and exhibitions.

In developing this strategy, Council consulted widely, both with regular users of services, participants and stakeholders and with the wider community.

“Before going out to the community, we spent nine months developing the draft closely with our stakeholders, including the Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee”, said the Mayor.

The strategic plan built on the Arts and Culture Policy which was adopted by Council in 2016, also taking into consideration the Public Art Policy (2007) which recognises opportunities to clarify, refine and refocus current expectations, in its proposed actions.