Rubbish Services

Council's waste management service

The waste management service falls into two categories:

  • Collection - Council provides a waste collection service through Solo Resource Recovery to all properties in urban areas and some properties in rural areas.
  • Disposal - Council operates four disposal facilities in Lardner, Neerim South, Erica and Trafalgar providing garbage disposal and free disposal of recyclable materials.

Waste collection service

The waste collection service includes:

  • Residential - Three bin system for garbage, recycling and green organics collection. Garbage is collected weekly, and recycling and green waste are collected fortnightly.
  • Commercial - Two bin system for garbage and recycling collection.

2015/2016 garbage charges

The charges for residential tenements are:

  • Garbage charge = $376
  • Additional 120L garbage bin = $85
  • Additional 240L recycling bin = $48
  • Additional green organic bin - the cost is $72.00 per year

Commencing a new garbage service

To commence a new garbage service the owner of the property must complete an application for new garbage service form, sign it, and pay the pro-rata charge to 30 June.

Solo Resource Recovery will deliver bins and a waste booklet to the property within three to five working days.

Residential properties accessing Council's garbage service

It is compulsory for properties with a habitable dwelling on it located within Council's declared compulsory garbage area to have a garbage service. These declared areas are identified on the Garbage Route Maps for townships and rural areas and are updated annually around August.

If your property is not in a compulsory declared garbage service area, the garbage service can be commenced or deleted at the owners request.

Stolen or damaged bins

Bins are replaced free of cost if they are stolen or damaged. Customers should report their damaged or stolen bin directly to Solo Resource Recovery on 5633 2009 or at Council's Customer Service Centres. Once a stolen or damaged bin is reported, it will be replaced within three to five working days. The customer should leave their damaged bin in their front yard for Solo to take away at the time of delivery of the new bin.

Missed collections

Customers can contact Solo Resource Recovery directly on 5633 2009 and Solo will investigate and make arrangements for the bin to be emptied as soon as possible.

Hard Waste Collection

Residents can dispose of hard waste twice a year through Council's hard waste service. Residents can participate in arrangements one or two, or both. These arrangements are:

Option 1

Free disposal of hard waste at transfer stations: All ratepayers receive two hard waste vouchers with their rate notice to allow free disposal of up to two cubic metres of hard waste (conditions apply). The vouchers entitle residents to either two free visits of two cubic metres of waste or one free visit with four cubic metres of waste each time (conditions apply). Waste other than hard waste will be charged at applicable waste disposal fees. No toxic and hazardous waste will be accepted.

Option 2

Pickup service for fee: domestic households (not commercial) that receive Council's garbage collection service are eligible to receive two pickups during the months of November and April for a fee of $62.00 (or $30 for eligible pensioners). The Council will organise the two cubic metres of hard waste to be picked up from your nature strip. Bookings and payments will be accepted at Council’s Customers Service Centres during October and March.

Council has an arrangement with Drouin Waste Recyclers to accept the free hard waste vouchers. They are located at 81 Weerong Road, Drouin, or can be contacted on 5625 5252.

Moving properties

Bins must remain with the property at all times. Householders moving to a new residence must not remove the bins from the original property. New bins will be issued upon request to the new property.

Bin tags

If your bin is not emptied by Solo Resource Recovery, they will place a tag on your bin indicating the reason why it was not collected. This may include being overfull, too heavy or have contamination in it. If your bin has contained contamination, you should remove the contamination and place your bin out to be emptied again on the next collection day.

Putting bins out

It is recommended bins be placed on the nature strip the night before or by 6.00am on the day of collection as collection times can change.

Garbage routes

Residents who do not have access to Council's garbage collection service, or those requiring the use of a larger skip bin, may wish to use the services of private contractors operating within the area. Refer to the Yellow Pages for private contractors. Alternatively residents can take their waste and recycling to Council's landfill and transfer stations and dispose of it at the applicable charges. Items which can be recycled including metal, glass, plastic, aluminium, paper and cardboard, electronic waste and automotive oils and batteries are accepted free of charge at the transfer stations.