Managing Your Business

Even once established you need to manage your business for day-to-day running, planning for the future, expansion, moving to new premises, employing people and eventually leaving your business. Whilst you can never plan for everything, thorough planning for what you do know, or what you want to achieve, can help you to avoid unexpected problems and plan around identified issues.

The Victorian Government’s Developing Your Business page is tailored to the needs of Victorian businesses and the Closing a Business page is tailored to the needs of anyone considering handing over, selling or closing their business.

The Australian Government has many websites that can help you with identifying your business obligations. The principal point of access to Commonwealth information for small business is the Australian Government Business website.

The Small Business Mentoring Service (SBMS) is supported by the Victorian State Government to provide low cost mentoring services to help small businesses. It also has an extensive list of free online resources and diagnostic tools to assist every aspect of the business cycle. The Small Business Mentoring Service has also established The Small Business Institute to provide support and advocacy greater than that which is provided by the SBMS. Council hosts monthly SBMS mentoring sessions.