Government Assistance

People who intend to establish a new business are encouraged to contact Baw Baw Shire staff regarding assistance and to also consider other government organisations who are able to offer support.

Particular advice can be accessed through the Victorian Government website

Council assistance for new businesses is generally restricted to facilitation activities but in some cases this may be extended to include other assistance.

Council runs or promotes a number of business programs and strategies aimed at assisting businesses to grow and develop. These programs include networking sessions, training programs, business awards, promotional programs, trade missions, and many other day-to-day activities.

Council has a public business directory and a database through which the Economic Development staff can send you useful information regarding programs and opportunities. Register your business via the Business Directory page.

The Victorian State Government and the Australian Federal Government run Grant Programs throughout the year which facilitate business growth and development. You can access grants through the Victorian Government Grants website or the Australian Government website