The hydroponics industry is subject to intense current interest around the world as climate changes reduce the reliability of food production methods, and market changes increase the need for consistent supplies of high quality food.

Environmentally, hydroponics is potentially set to become a production method of choice due to high levels of return per litre of water and relative secure methods of production free from dangers of climate variation, storms and insect attacks.

Growing Hydroponics in Baw Baw Shire:

  • Clean and green reputation.
  • Existing hydroponics industry.
  • Proximity to Melbourne with a labour force attraction in excess of 106,000.
  • A growing region with an increasing labour force into the future.
  • Easy freeway access to Melbourne and airports.
  • The climate is conducive to growing hydroponic vegetables, herbs and flowers, and compares well with Holland (the world leader in greenhouse production).
  • Average rainfall of 1,024mm per annum.
  • Available infrastructure including gas, water, power and roads.
  • Accredited training providers with developed certified hydroponics courses.
  • Council will facilitate planning process, meetings with necessary authorities.