Baw Baw Halal

The information and links on this page are aimed at assisting local businesses to assess their suitability to produce halal products and access or expand their halal markets. It also assists buyers to source halal products manufactured in Baw Baw Shire.

If you are interested in becoming Halal Certified there are a number of resources available via the Australian Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry website.

The region has a number of processing facilities manufacturing Halal Certified products:

Abel Agrico

Export a range of vegetable and halal meat products (beef)

Peter & Yvonne Abel

160 Thurlows Road

Shady Creek VIC 3821

Call Abel Agrico on 5626 6390

Email Abel Agrico

Gippsland Cheese

Gippsland Cheese is a specialist cheese distributor.

Michael Derrick

17 Ryans Court

Warragul VIC 3820

Call Gippsland Cheese on 5622 3887

Email Gippsland Cheese

Jindi Cheese

Jindi Cheese manufactures gourmet halal cheese.

Frank Beaurain

Old Telegraph Road

Jindivick VIC 3818

Call Jindi Cheese on 5628 5305

Email Jindi Cheese

Visit the Jindi Cheese website

Tarago River Cheese

Tarago River Cheese manufactures soft and hard Halal certified cheeses.

David Johnson

2236 Main Neerim Road

Neerim South VIC 3831

Call Tarago River Cheese on 5628 1569

Email Tarago River Cheese

Visit the Tarago Cheese website

True Organic

True Organic have organic certification for a number of dairy products.

Karina Damschke

PO Box 880

Warragul VIC 3820

Call True Organic on  5623 6622

Email True Organic

Visit the True Organic website

Maffra Cheese Company

Maffra Cheese Company produce traditional handmade cheeses.

Ferial Zekiman

PO Box 121

Tinamba VIC 3859

Call Maffra Cheese Company on 5145 1022


Pureharvest are one of Australia’s leading organic food companies including dairy and non daiy beverages, tahini, honey and snacks.

Danny Hannaford

35 Lardner Road

Drouin VIC 3818

Call Pureharvest on 5625 6102

Email Pueharvest

Visit the Pureharvest website

Longwarry Food Park

Longwarry Food Park produce a range of Halal certified milk powders including

Shane Murphy or Craig Nuske

Longwarry VIC 3816

Call Longwarry Food Park on 5629 9551

Email longwarry Food Park

Visit the Longwarry Food Park website

Other manufacturers of pickled products and preserves have indicated an interest in halal certification as markets are identified.

The region is also a large producer of fresh vegetables with systems able to be halal certified if required by end market users, these include:

  • Tomatoes (marinated)
  • Potato and potato products
  • Asparagus
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • Eggs
  • Soft fruits
  • Berries and nuts

Baw Baw Shire Council has an ongoing commitment to the promotion of halal opportunities to its businesses and facilitation of access to domestic and export markets.