All fencing for public and private land is subject to the Fences Act 1968.

Building Permits for Fencing

A building permit is required for a fence when:

  • Constructing a side or boundary fence more than 2 metres high.
  • Constructing a fence that is more than 1 metre high, within 9 metres of the point of intersection of street alignments.

Since the introduction of the privatisation system for the issuing of building permits in Victoria, the majority of building permits are now issued by private building surveyors. However our Building department can still provide information and advice on a range of issues including permit requirements for fencing.

The Yellow Pages lists companies that issue building permits under its Building Surveyors and Building Consultants sections.

Half Cost Fencing

Under Section 4(1)(b) of the Fences Act, Council may contribute to the cost of a fence on properties adjoining Council land, such as kindergartens, childcare centres and other Council owned and occupied buildings.

If you need to find out the contact details of your adjoining neighbour for the purpose of constructing a fence between your properties, email Baw Baw Shire or call 5624 2411 to obtain a request form.

Request forms should be sent to the following address or submitted at a Customer Service Centre:

Asset Preservation Officer

Baw Baw Shire Council

PO Box 304 Warragul, VIC 3820