Warragul CBD Streetscape Project

Revitalising the heart of Warragul 

Baw Baw Shire Council is investing in upgrades to improve the experience and appeal for those accessing the Warragul central business district (CBD) area. The investment will address and improve pedestrian access, traffic flow, parking, drainage, landscaping and street appeal.

This project will support Warragul’s retail industry and flourishing CBD area. In the long term, the project will significantly benefit the local economy by encouraging more people to visit, shop, dine, occupy and enjoy the public areas of the Warragul CBD.

Click here to download a map and print version of the Warragul CBD Streetscape Project Fact Sheet(PDF, 3MB) .

Community Consultation

A number of consultation opportunities occurred during the initial planning and design phase in 2015/16.

A Project Reference Group (PRG) was formed consisting of local traders, business groups, service/utility companies, taxi and emergency services. The PRG continue to meet regularly to discuss all aspects of the project.

As works progress, there will be more opportunities for the community to provide input and feedback on the project. 

Community Benefits

  • Improved pedestrian safety and access with new crossing points and wider paths
  • More accessible parking spaces and crossing points that meet current standards
  • Sustainable design with existing trees and new plantings for improved street appeal
  • One way streets and new roundabouts to improve and streamline traffic flow
  • Wider footpaths and upgraded paving for improved outdoor dining and retail space
  • Drainage improvements to better cater for storm events 

Project Stages

Illustrated map of the Warragul CBD highlighting each stage of the Streetscape project as per the 'Project Stage' table below

Project Stage Timeline Status (as at June 2018)

1. Smith Street (North End)

Installation of a median strip with new plantings, two new pedestrian crossing and accessibility compliant carparks.

 2016/17 Complete

2. Mason/Albert Street

Construction of two new roundabouts to improve traffic flow around the outskirts of the CBD.


 2017/18 Complete

3. Mason/Palmerston Street

Construction of a new roundabout to improve traffic flow around the outskirts of the CBD.


 2017/18 Complete

4. Palmerston Street

Increased pedestrian access, more parking spaces, improved drainage and one-way east bound traffic flow.

 2017/18 Construction in progress 

5. Mason/William Street

Construction of a new roundabout to improve traffic flow around the outskirts of the CBD. Streetlighting around roundabout.

2017/18  Construction in Progress

6. Napier/Queen Street

Installation of traffic lights to improve safety and traffic flow.

 2017/18  Planning and design

7. Smith Street (South End) 

Road widening, more parking, increased pedestrian access, improved drainage and one-way south bound traffic flow.

2018/19  Planning and design. 

8. Victoria Street

Upgrade footpaths, improved drainage, new kerb and channel and streetscape between Queen and Napier Streets.

2019/2020 Concept

9. Queen Street

Improved path layout (Queen Street Park), improved paving, promenade pedestrian pathway and relocation of existing toilet block.

 2020/21 Concept 

Do you have any questions?

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