Questions on Notice

Questions on notice is an opportunity for community members to ask questions to clarify strategic, policy or any other appropriate matter that may not be on the Council agenda. The objective of questions on notice is to assist Council to remain accountable to the community.

If asking questions that are usually administrative matters or require detailed answers and research, Council usually refer those questions to the Chief Executive Officer to be answered via letter instead of through question time. Questions are asked to Council, not to individual Councillors or to the administration. If a question is deemed irrelevant, vexatious or defamatory, Council has the right to reject the question and we notify the submitter.

Questions need to be submitted in writing, either via a form available from the Customer Service Centres, or email Council.

Questions must be submitted and received by Council by 5.00pm on the Tuesday before the Council meeting.

Where the Tuesday is a public holiday, questions must be submitted and received by Council by 5.00pm on the previous business day.

The person submitting the question must identify themselves clearly, with name, address and a current telephone contact number. If on behalf of an organisation, the person must still provide their name, but also the organisations’ name, and ensure that they have permission from the organisation to be speaking on their behalf.

Community members have the right to ask up to five questions. Any questions over this limit will not be answered. Questions with multiple parts are counted as separate questions and have this limit apply also.

From time to time, Council does accept operational based questions to be answered in the Council meeting. The Chief Executive Officer will then be invited by the Mayor, to answer each question that is operational in nature.

The Mayor, as Chairperson of the meetings, or in the absence of the Mayor, the Councillor filling that role, will answer each question that is strategic in nature.

The Mayor may refer a question to be answered by any other Councillor if they choose, or will allow a second speaker to assist in clarifying the answer for the questioner.

As the questioner, you may ask for clarification on any aspect of the answer given to understand the answer up to two times. It isn’t an opportunity to challenge or debate the answer, and if you do so, you will be called to order by the Mayor/Chairperson.

There is no right of clarification if the questioner does not attend the meeting.

There is no provision to take more questions on notice in the meeting.

If the submitter does not attend the meeting, Council will ensure a copy of the questions and responses are provided to the submitter.

Copies of answers will be available after the Council meeting for the submitters only. Community members interested in viewing the questions and responses may refer to the Council minutes on the Agendas and Minutes page.