A petition or joint letter must:

  • Be in legible and permanent writing or typed;
  • Not be defamatory, indecent, abusive or objectionable in language or content; and
  • Not relate to matters beyond the powers of Council.

A petition must also:

  • Every page of a petition or joint letter must bear the whole of the petition or request.
  • Any signature appearing upon a page, which does not bear the whole of the petition or request, may not be considered by Council.
  • Every page of a petition or joint letter, must be a single piece of paper and must not be pasted, stapled, pinned or otherwise affixed to any other piece of paper.
  • Any fraudulent signatures on a petition or joint letter which is then presented to Council will be deemed invalid.

All petitions must be lodged prior to 5.00pm the day prior to Council meeting with the Chief Executive Officer (or the previous business day if that day is a public holiday). You need to provide all original - not copies, of the pages of the petition.

In accordance with the Meeting Procedure Local Law, Councillors will be able to table a petition at a Council meeting on behalf of community members. You can contact one of your ward councillors to arrange to hand over the petition, or submit it directly to the organisation.

Any petition that does not meet the prescribed criteria as set out in the Meeting Procedure Local Law will not be tabled, and therefore, not considered at a future meeting of Council.

Council must resolve at the meeting where it is tabled, to receive the petition and to refer the matter for a report or appropriate action as required.

Alternatively, the Council may choose to resolve to take action on the subject matter that is contained in the petition if it believes that the matter is urgent and cannot reasonably wait until a full report has been prepared on the matter.

The petition statement and the number of signatories will be published in the meeting minutes. Personal details of signatories will not be published in the minutes.

Depending on the complexity of the issue, most petitions are considered within six weeks of being tabled at a Council meeting or presented to the Chief Executive Officer.