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To keep our community up to date with key Council decisions, outcomes and plans; we’re introducing a new Council Meeting Snapshot!

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  • Our Community
  • Thriving Economy
  • Safe and Sustainable Environments
  • Organisational Excellence
  • Advocacy
  • Consultation and Engagement
  • Policies and Documents

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Wednesday 12 July Meeting Snapshot

Our Community

  • Council has endorsed community sponsorship requests for:
    • $2,200 to the Baw Baw Food Movement for the ‘Healthy Soils, Healthy Food, Healthy People’ free community workshop.
    • $3,000 to the the Warragul Business Group to host the 2017 Warragul Snowfest.
    • $500 to support the Ficifolia Art Show.
  • Council has adopted the Terms of Reference for the Place Name Advisory Committee and appointed three new members: Liz Jensz, Mary-Royce Hall and Cheryl Drayton.
  • Council will be reintroducing a free annual at call on demand kerbside hard waste collection accepting a tender from WM Waste Management Services to provide the new service. Find out more about kerbside hard waste collection

Organisational Excellence

  • Council has adopted a Risk Management Policy and Risk Management Framework to best manage operational risks and associated opportunities. Find out more about the Risk Management Policy and Framework.

Safe and Sustainable Environments

  • Council has granted officers an extension of time to undertake proposed additional traffic surveys in response to a petition relating to the intersection of Hopetoun Road and Princes Avenue in Drouin. The report is due back to Council by 23 August 2017.
  • Council has deferred making a decision on planning application PLA0296/1 until 9 August 2017. This will allow Council to give further consideration to the proposed use and land development for a transfer station and reduction of car parking at Weerong Road in Drouin.
  • Council has supported the Framework Funding Agreement between Melbourne Water Corporation and Council for the Tarago Reservoir Implementation Program. The Tarago Catchment Project Officer position has also been extended. Find out more about the Agreement.


  • Council has called for a report seeking research and investigation into cyclist interest and cyclist visitation in Baw Baw Shire and Gippsland more broadly. The report also calls for opportunities on how Gippsland Councils can capitalise on the potential economic benefits of cyclist visiting Gippsland.

To see the full minutes from the Wednesday 12 July Council meeting, please go to Agendas and Minutes.