Palmerston Streetscape Works - Community Update

Current Progress

Works timelines are indicative and may be subject to change.

Stage One (Completed)

Stage one of the project – works on Smith Street between Albert Street and Palmerston Street have been completed in May 2017.

The construction of the roundabout at Albert Street/Mason Street intersection and the roundabout at Mason Street/Palmerston Street have been recently completed.

Stage Two (In Progress)

Stage Two of the project - works on Palmerston Street (Victoria Street to Smith Street) - commenced at 6:00PM on Monday 12 February 2018.

Project Update - 29 March 2018

Works have slowed in the last week due to the recent wet weather. The activities shown below are remain highly dependent upon weather, so the dates and times shown may change if rainfall is forecast.


Date/Times Impact

Excavate existing road pavement and lay first layer of asphalt.

2/04/2018 (7.00am to 10.00pm)


Road Closures will be in place commencing at 7:00am through to conclusion of works.

Works include heavy excavation and there will be a lot of noise.

Install last sections of kerb and channel


Palmerston Street will remain open to traffic during these works.

A number of carparks between Victoria St and the Laneways (north and south) will be closed until 12.00pm to all for completion of works.

Place Intermediate layer of asphalt

8/04/18 (1:00pm to 6:00pm)

Road Closures will be in place during these times.

Work to reconstruct the footpaths and install footings for the street furniture will commence once the kerb and channel is completed. These works will be undertaken during the standard Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday nights and weekend working times during April.

One way traffic currently in effect

Traffic flow on Palmerston Street has temporarily changed to one way from Victoria Street to Smith Street to accommodate changes to the underground stormwater pits and pipes.

Parking on the south side of Palmerston Street will be relocated and switched to accommodate the change in traffic direction.

Traffic Management Devices will be installed including the following:

  • Waterfilled barriers across exit from the Smith Street roundabout.
  • Variable Message Boards: Variable Message Boards will be relocated as shown below, to advertise the change in direction and alternate routes.
  • Rubber kerb to delineate parking areas.
  • Temporary marking of parking bays: Every effort will be made to retain as many car parks during the works, however at times there will be a need to block some car parks to allow works to progress.
  • Directional arrows painted on road pavement

Project Background

Baw Baw Shire Council is currently working on the design and delivery for the streetscape improvements within the Warragul CBD, which are intended to reinvigorate the ‘Retail Heart’ of Warragul and are valued at over $4.5 million.

The improvements cover an area bounded by:

  1. Smith Street between Albert and Queen Streets
  2. Palmerston Street between Victoria and Smith Streets
  3. Queen Street between Smith and Gladstone Streets

Traffic treatment works identified as part of the project to improve the traffic flow within the retail heart of Warragul includes:

  1. Two new roundabouts at Mason/Albert Streets intersection and Mason/Palmerston Streets intersection; and
  2. Traffic signals at the Queen and Napier Streets intersection.

Community Engagement

Council formed a Project Reference Group (PRG) in November 2015 to assist the development and delivery of the Warragul CBD Streetscape Project. The PRG comprises of various community groups, key stakeholders, and emergency services along with VicRoads (refer page 2 for the detailed list). Eleven meetings have been held since the PRG formation.

Council also undertook an extensive ‘Have Your Say’ community consultation in December 2015 seeking feedback on the original masterplan concepts. In May 2016, further community consultation took place on the next version of the concept plans and update on the Smith Street Works along with ‘Have Your Say’ on the Mason Street roundabouts in December 2016.

Community consultation involved a display at the Palmerston Street kiosk, information fact sheets, along with feedback captured via Council’s Customer Service Centres, website, and Facebook page.

A meeting with Warragul CBD traders was organised at Frankie’s cafe in June 2017 in partnership with Warragul Business Group seeking feedback on upcoming streetscape designs including the proposed one-way traffic along Palmerston Street.

Works Overview

  • Week 1 – Monday 12/2/18
  • Identify all utility services;
  • Saw cutting road pavement;
  • Demolish gardens within Palmerston Street and within Victoria Street roundabout;
  • Upgrade cross road storm water drainage pipes.
  • Week 2 – Monday 19/2/18
  • Replace watermain along north side of Palmerston Street – Commencing at Smith Street (outside Flight Centre) progressing towards Victoria Street roundabout. 

Important Information

Working Times

Works will be carried out at night time and on weekends to minimise impact of road closures on local businesses and community for the first 3-4 weeks:

  • Monday 6:00pm – 6:00am
  • Tuesday 6:00pm – 6:00am
  • Wednesday 6:00pm – 6:00am
  • Saturday 1:00pm – 6:00pm
  • Sunday 7:00am – 6:00pm

All road closures will be limited to after hours and weekends (overnight until early morning and opened before 6.00am).

Access to shops
  • Access to shops will be maintained during business hours. Works within two metres of the shop will not occur during business hours to allow for pedestrian access to the abutting retail premises.
  • Footpath paving will occur in stages. No more than 35 metres length of footpath will be opened for work on one side of the road at any time.
  • If deliveries are expected overnight (prior to 6:00am) during road closures, retail managers are encouraged to contact Trevor Reynolds from Mad Cat Constructions (VIC) Pty Ltd (0400 655 611) to arrange access.
  • Every effort will be made to ensure that impact on general trading and car parking on Palmerston Street is minimised.
  • Due to the nature of the works there will be the occasional unavoidable requirement to block off isolated carparks.
  • For the duration of the works Mad Cat Constructions will utilise the Lions Club Kiosk as a site office located on the northern corner of Palmerston Street at the Smith Street intersection.
  • Two car parks immediately adjacent to the kiosk will be occupied for the duration of the works during daytime trading hours to park small plant and materials.

General Project Information

The works include:

  • One-way eastbound traffic (from Victoria Street to Smith Street)
  • Wider footpath with combination of asphalt, exposed aggregate paving and brick bands
  • Four additional parking spaces including two accessible parking spaces
  • Reconstruction of road pavement with lowered surface level up to 300mm to allow for 100-year flood to pass within the road reserve
  • Feature pavement at mid-block section and at both ends of the road
  • Speed reduction from 50 to 40 recommended, subject to VicRoads approval
  • Additional seating - concrete wall with fixed benches and feature lighting with LED strips
  • New street lights and underground conduits for provision for future undergrounding of overhead power
  • Additional trees - Red Maples on north side and Tulip trees on south side
  • Interpretive signs showing Warragul’s historical photos
  • Planter beds at various locations
  • New flag poles
  • Removable bollards to allow for road closure in case of major events
  • Water Main to be replaced

Warragul Parking Update

Council is aware of the community’s desire for increased parking capacity within the Warragul CBD. In response, a consultant has been appointed and commenced working to investigate cost-efficient, multi-use design and delivery options for a Multi-Deck Car Park in Warragul. Community consultation is expected to commence April 2018.

To better manage the impacts on traffic and local access:

  • Works are scheduled to commence in early to mid-February 2018 and to be completed by May-June 2018 avoiding the busy Christmas and school holiday period
  • Access to shops will be maintained during business hours. Works within two metres of the shop front are not allowed during business hours, to allow for pedestrian access to the abutting retail premises
  • Majority of the works will occur after-hours and on weekends. Some works will have to occur during business hours.
  • Footpath paving in stages. No more than 35 metres length of footpath will be opened for work on one side of the road at any time.
  • Any road closures will be limited to after hours and weekends (overnight until early morning and opened before 6.00am).

Project Manager

Lee Yuill has successfully been appointed as Project Engineer following Ashish’s departure. Lee is local to the area and has been with Baw Baw Shire for the last 4 years working as a Road Network Engineer and delivering annual road maintenance capital works and assisting managing the road maintenance contract and delivering numerous other projects to improve the road network in the Shire.


For further information on the above works, please contact Lee Yuill, Baw Baw Shire Council on phone 5624 2572 or by email