Minor Road Projects

Project   Scope 2017-18 Adopted Budget  Estimated Completion Current Status
Subdivisions Program Responsive works to achieve better subdivision outcomes $79,954 May 2018 On Track
Guardrail Installation Program Guard rail installation- responsive works
$53,303 May 2018 On Track
Kerb and Channel Renewal Program Kerb & Channel renewal/upgrade as required $90,615 May 2018 On Track
Off-street car parks and street parking rehabilitation Program Rehabilitation work for off-street car parks and street parking areas as required $31,982 Mar 2018 On Track
Native Vegetation Offset Statutory requirement $53,303 May 2018 On Track
Street Tree Planting Program Planting of trees in new subdivisions and across the shire as required $53,303  May 2018 On Track
Roadside Signage & Fittings Annual Renewal Program

Replace missing and damaged roadside signs, guide posts, fixtures & fittings such as bicycle hoops, bollards, picnic tables as required:

1. New picnic tables in Mill Park, Erica

2. Signage in Mill Park, Erica

3. Safety fence between playground and main road, Erica (completed)

4. Replacement of bollards, Walhalla

5. Replacement of picnic tables, Walhalla

6. Landscaping & bollards between cemetery track & southern carpark, Walhalla

7. Other works across the shire

$70,000 May 2018 On Track
Laneway Program Annual Program - responsive works $15,991 May 2018 On Track
New Parking and Traffic Signs Install and/or alter parking and traffic signs as required $21,321 May 2018 On Track
Replace damaged decorations and faulty Christmas lights Annual Program - responsive works $11,727 Jan 2018 On Track
Future Storm Event(s) Future storm event(s) allowance $200,000 May 2018 On Track
Tourism Signage Program Annual Program- responsive works $11,727 May 2018 On Track
Helipad Area, Walhalla Re-establish helipad area $20,000 Mar 2018 On Track

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