Major Road Projects

Project  Scope  2017-18 Adopted Budget Estimated Completion Current Status
Gravel Roads Resheets Program

Annual Program- works per priority listing. Proposed works:

1. Ashdowns Road, Tanjil South

2. Boola Boola Road, Yallourn North

3. Briggs Road, Nilma North

4. Camp Creek Road, Hill End

5. Greenshields Road, Drouin

6. Lewis Road, Ripplebrook

7. Mills Road, Coalville

8. Mountain View Road, Mountain View

9. Paynter Road, Hill End

10. Schofields Road, Narracan

11. Settlement Road, Neerim

12. Hawkey Road, Drouin

13. Old Sale Road, Willow Grove

14. Laing Road, Nayook

$1,106,649 Dec 2017 On Track
Road Resealing Program (includes final seals)

Annual road resealing works to address surface conditions such as stripping, flushing and oxidizing and minor surface cracking- works per priority listing.  Proposed works:

1. Boronia Rise, Neerim South

2. Buln Buln Rd, Drouin

3. Cemetery Rd, Trafalgar East

4. Coalville Rd, Coalville

5. Invermay Rd East, Hallora

6. Invermay Rd West, Athlone

7. Jacksons Tk, Labertouche

8. Jindivick Neerim South Rd, Jindivick

9. Landsborough St, Warragul

10. Longwarry Rd, Drouin

11. McDonalds Tk, Thorpdale

12. Melaleuca Dr, Trafalgar

13. Nilma Shady Creek Rd, Nilma

14. Patison Ct, Drouin

15. Waratah Way, Trafalgar East, 16. Young Street, Drouin

$1,172,662 Feb 2018 On Track
Reseal Preparation Works Annual Program for patching and regulation prior to sealing- works associated with Road Resealing works $239,863 Feb 2018 On Track
Crack Sealing Program Bituminous treatment to waterproof crack surfaces- responsive works $42,642 Feb 2018 On Track
Labertouche Road- Road Safety Improvement  between Potter Rd and 29 Jacksons Track

Works to be undertaken include:

  • Seal the shoulders at the straight sections (approx. 2000m) along the road; and
  • Install edge lines along Labertouche Road.
$198,000 Mar 2018 On Track
Labertouche North Road, Labertouche Construction and sealing of the remaining 7Km gravel section of the road
$1,170,000 Mar 2018 On Track
Localised Pavement Repair Program

Annual Program to improve safety, extend pavement life  to delay costly reconstruction and dust suppression as per priority listing. Proposed works:

1. Araluen Road, Shady Creek

2. Bona Vista Road, Bona Vista

3. Buln Buln Road, Drouin

4. Childers Thorpdale Road, Thorpdale

5. Coalville Road, Coalville

6. Danes Road, Warragul South

7. Edgar Road, Longwarry

8. Invermay Road West, Athlone

9. Lardner Road, Drouin

10. Nayook Poweltown Road, Nayook

11. Neerim East Road, Neerim South

12. Old Sale Road, Shady Creek

13. Warragul Leongatha Road, Seaview

14. Yarragon Shady Creek Road, Yarragon

$1,019,359 Feb 2018 On Track
Road Upgrade- Gravel to Sealed Road Program

Works to close unsealed gaps between sealed sections of roads as per priority listing. Proposed works:

1. Embletons Road, Trafalgar East

2. McGregor Park Lane, Trafalgar (Completed)

3. Ringin Road, Drouin South

4. Gardner And Holman Road, Drouin to Drouin South

5. Wrights Road, Warragul South

$650,000 Feb 2018 On Track
Curve Treatment Program Improve isolated curves which suffer a lack of sight distance, road geometry including widths, or road condition. Works would typically could include road widening, tree removal and batter works such as benching. $200,000 May 2018 On Track
Road Reconstruction Program

Annual Program- works per priority listing.
Proposed works :

1. Buln Buln Rd, Hopetoun Road to Service Road

2. Rollo St, Service Road to Cambell Street

3. Bowen St, South of Sutton Street

$1,066,056 Apr 2018 On Track
Traffic Improvement Works Annual Program- minor traffic treatment works
$70,000 May 2018 On Track
Intersection of Kitchener Street and Contingent Street, Trafalgar

To address the safety issues at the intersection of Contingent Street and Kitchener Street, the following works are proposed:

  • Install two splitter/ traffic islands; and
  • Install appropriate signs and line marking.
  • The works to be complimented with asphalt overlay works for the intersection of Kitchener Street and Contingent Street.
$65,000 Jan 2018 Completed
Shillinglaw Road, Drouin Widen and seal existing gravel roads serving new developments- Design (Construction 18/19) $50,000 May 2018 On Track
Warragul CBD Streetscape Works- Palmerston Street between Victoria and Smith Palmerston Street streetscape works $1,385,873 Apr 2018 On Track
Warragul CBD Streetscape Works- Mason St Improvement Works- Section between Albert and Queent St, Works include road widening, line marking and parking area improvement $250,000 Apr 2018 On Track
Warragul CBD Streetscape Works- Napier Street / Queen Street, Warragul Construct intersection at Napier Street / Queen Street to include traffic lights.
 $400,000 Apr 2018 On Track
Sutton Street and Pharaohs Road Intersection Design Design of staggered signalised four-way intersection- including intersection of Sutton St with Pharaohs Rd and with Tarwin St  $213,211 May 2018 On Track
Street Lighting Changeover Program Install a grid connected Solar Power System at Leisure Centre $51,171  Feb 2018 On Track
Street Lighting Program- New/Replacement Street lighting replacement in line with CRMs  $51,171 May 2018 On Track

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